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1st Annual
Pennsylvania Whitetail Open

PA's first and only statewide premier high payout big buck tournament!
Show off your skills, earn bragging rights, and enter to win cash prizes!

November 30th – December 14th

*Archery season to be included in 2020 tournament.

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1st Annual Pennsylvania Whitetail Open

It is a FACT that if you purchased a PA hunting license for the 2019 buck season, you NEED to register for this tournament! The PAWTO is the first, large scale deer hunting tournament with potential life changing payouts! Guaranteed minimum total prize money of $25,000!

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Chance to win cash and door prizes with your Basic Entry. Guaranteed minimum of $25,000 prize money!

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Take your shot at a monster PA buck. Register online for your chance at the Top 5, plus door prizes!

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